Edit or Delete a Dispatch Location

Dispatch locations are created in Command Center through Location library objects. Its details and settings are also configured in Command Center with the exception of the following:

  • Location images.
  • Indoor location points.
  • Notes.
  • Accessible Operational Zones.
  • Visual Alerts. 

To delete a location, a Command Center administrator must delete its associated library object in the app. If a location is currently being used with a scheduled or active dispatch, officer, or task, you cannot delete that location or its indoor location, but you can edit its details (i.e., name, location notes, images, and the ability to add new indoor locations).

If a location is associated with a closed dispatch (or its task), that location can’t be deleted until the dispatch is no longer displayed on the Closed Dispatches panel. To specify how long closed dispatches will appear on the panel, see Configure Closed Dispatches.

To edit a location:

  1. Click Settings >  Locations.

  2. Enter search criteria in the Search locations text field in the pane to the left, such as location’s name or address, then click to select it.

    Up to 250 locations are displayed in left-hand pane in the Locations settings. To find a specific location, use the search function.
  3. Optional: Click the  icon to add an image of the location.

  4. Optional: Enter notes about the location in the Notes field. If you want these notes to display as a warning when a dispatch is created, click the  icon next to Display as Warning.

  5. Optional: To limit this location to a specific operational zone, use the Accessible Operational Zones dropdown menu to select one or more operational zones. This location will only be visible in the selected operational zone(s).
    The Accessible Operational Zones section.
  6. Optional: To create a visual alert for a location:

    1. Select Default, Classic, High Contrast, or Resolver Theme from the Theme dropdown menu.

      Ensure the visual alert theme matches the theme selected in User Settings, otherwise you won’t be able to see your changes.
    2. Select a color from the Color dropdown menu. If you don’t want to display a color, select  Transparent from the color picker.
    3. Select the Bold, Italic, Underline, and/or Strikethrough checkboxes if you want to add more font styles.

  7. To edit or delete an indoor location point:

    1. Click Indoor Location Points.

    2. Select the location point you want to edit by clicking its pin or its name in the pane to the left. For information on creating new indoor location points, see the Create a New Indoor Location Point article.

    3. To reposition an indoor location pin on the image, click and drag the pin.

    4. Click Add/Change Image to upload a new image of the location point.

    5. Make any changes to the Legal Name, Levels (links to a Perspective site), Notes, or Display as Warning as needed.

    6. To delete the indoor location point, click  icon then click Yes to confirm