Create a Session Token

To create a session token:

  1. Log into Core as an administrator.
  2. Navigate to Admin > Swagger Docs.
  3. Click any endpoint to launch Swagger.
  4. Scroll down to the authenticate endpoint to expand it.
  5. Click POST /user/authenticate.
  6. Click the Example Value box to populate the template in the body text box, then enter your login credentials and the org ID in the request body. Org IDs can be obtained using 
  7. Click Try it out! to return one of the following responses:
    • 401 Unauthorized: The login credentials are incorrect.
    • 404 Not Found: The user is not an active member of any orgs.
    • 200 Success: The user was successfully authenticated.
  8. If successful, copy the bearer token to your clipboard. This token is valid for 15 minutes and must be entered in the authorization header of each request.