Edit or Delete a User Group

If your organization is synced with LDAP, any instance of adding or removing users to a user group will need to be done from LDAP itself. If made in Core, any changes could be reverted during the next LDAP sync.

To edit or delete a user group:

  1. Click the icon in the top bar > User Groups in the People section.
  2. Enter keywords in the Search field to search for the user group by name or click a group to select it.
  3. To edit the user group name or description, click the icon next to the user group name.
  4. To add more users to the group, enter the user’s name in the field below Users, then click Add Selected.
    Users who are currently logged in at the time they’re added to a user group will need to log out then log back in before the changes are applied.
  5. To delete a user from the group, click the icon next to their name, then click Yes to confirm.
  6. To delete the user group, click the icon, then Yes to confirm.
  7. Click Done when finished