Review Document Requests

Once the internal audit lead has sent a document request, it will appear to members of the Internal Audit Client user group on their My Tasks page. Once the client has reviewed the request and attached all required documents, it will be sent back to the internal audit lead.Assigned document requests on the My Tasks page.

To review a document request:

  1. Log into an account that has been added to the Internal Audit Client user group to display the My Tasks page.

  2. Click on a request in the Outstanding state to display the Documentation Request form.The Documentation Request form.

  3. Drag files to the Documentation Attachments/URL section to add them to the control. You can also click in the box below Documentation Attachments/URL to browse for files on your machine, or to enter a URL link.

  4. Optional: Enter any comments you have about the documentation in the Audit Client Comments field.

  5. Click Submit Documentation.