Push Library Object Changes to Linked Assessment Objects

Resolver Core has a feature where changes made to a library object can be pushed to all its linked assessments. For example, if a particular risk’s name changes (e.g., a suspicious package is identified), you can edit the name on the library Risk object. Then you can push to update the new name on all assessment references to said risk.

To push library object changes to linked assessment objects:

  1. In the Admin > Assessments section, click the relevant assessment type.
  2. Under the Configuration tab, locate the relevant object type.
  3. Under the Fields to Sync column, click the Edit button.
  4. In the right-side palette, select which fields the Update Assessments feature will change for each related Object Type.Fields to Sync options for updating Assessments.
  5. From the Admin> Object Types menu, open the relevant library object and select the Assessments section tab to review the linked assessments for said object.
  6. Click Update Assessments to push the library object changes through to the linked assessments. 

The Assessments section tab and the Update Assessments button.


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The Assessments section can be enabled on individual form templates and will appear as a tab on a form card. To do so, open the relevant form template, click the header card’s edit icon, then click Assessments under the Form Features select list. Read more here: Configure a Standard Form Header.