Meeting 5: Project Closure


❒ Login to Production

Please login to production and ensure you have access to the application and you can see the admin cog at the top right granting you administration access.

❒ Confirm End User Accounts

Click on the admin cogwheel at the top right and navigate to the Users list. Please scroll through the list to ensure all end users who require access to the application have been added here and are enabled. Click on each user to confirm they have been granted the correct access to their role.

❒ Confirm Library Data

Once you have logged in, click on the left-hand menu and select Library. You’ll want to ensure the correct data has been imported from the data import template.

❒ Project Completion Sign Off

Please login to the Project Tracker and click on the ‘Sign Off’ button.

❒ Feedback

While you are Signing off on the Project within the Project Tracker, we invite you to provide your honest feedback on what went well, and how we can improve. We’ll only get better with your insights!



Cheers to all the hard work that went into completing the project. Take a load off—you deserve it!