Meeting 4: Training


❒ Prepare for End-User Training

As we move into training you on Resolver, it is important to ensure you have booked the end-user training sessions within your organization. This may not be required for all organizations. If you are a smaller team, your whole team may have been involved in the implementation and therefore you don’t need to train any end users.

It is also a best practice ahead of the training to ensure you have communicated to the end-users how the application impacts them when it’s coming and what the benefits are of the new application to their day-to-day role.


❒ Final Validation

You are now familiar with all things Resolver! To prepare for our next meeting, the Final Walkthrough, it will be important to continue to walk through the application from start to finish. In this meeting you’ll be presenting back to us to make sure you’re ready to launch, so we’ll want you to know how to: 

  1. Login
  2. Navigate to the application
  3. Walkthrough your process from start to finish
  4. Perform your day to day activities
  5. Run reports for Executives and/or Board reporting
  6. Add new users and assign them to roles
  7. Walkthrough the process from all end-users perspective as well

This is the final validation so as you’re opening forms and moving objects through workflows, it’s important to keep these questions in mind:

  • Is it easy and intuitive to log information?  
  • Have we provided guidance to help facilitate users in entering information?
  • If a user was in the application on a limited basis, is it clear what is expected from them? 
  • Have we achieved the objectives outlined in the Kick-off? Has the application solved the problem we were facing?