Launch an Assessment

Assessments are used to identify risks, plan controls to mitigate the risk, and monitor risk levels. While members of both the Risk Team and Administrator (Risk Management) user groups can launch assessments, it is best practice for the Risk Team to do so. Assessments can be scoped with a focus on either risk categories, processes, or objectives.

To launch an assessment:

  1. Log into a user account from the Risk Team user group. 

  2. Click the dropdown in the nav bar > Risk Management.
    The nav bar.
  3. Navigate to the Launch Risk Assessment tab, then click Launch Risk Assessment, Launch Process Risk Assessment, or Launch Objective Risk Assessment
    The process for launching and scoping an assessment will be the same regardless of the scoping method picked. The only difference will be the object types chosen during scoping.
    The Launch Risk Assessment tab.
  4. Enter a name for the assessment in the Risk Assessment Name field.
  5. Optional: Enter additional details about the Risk Assessment in the Description field.
    The Launch Risk Assessment form.
  6. Begin typing keywords in the Business Unit field, then click to select the relevant business unit.
  7. Begin typing keywords in the second Business Unit field and select the one that matches the previous field. 

    To ensure the assessment is searchable, the business units selected in both fields should match.
  8. Click Create to display the Launch Risk Assessment page. From there, you'll Define Scope of Risk Assessment.

The Risk Assessment Details section.