Important Notes About Sharing Assessment Data

  • Enabling this option on an assessment allows other assessments to consume the data. For example, if you launch a Risk assessment and want to rely on Controls from a Compliance assessment, the Link to Existing toggle must be enabled in the Compliance Assessment workflow settings.
  • Only non-reference data can be linked and this option will be greyed out if the Assessment Data toggle is disabled for the object type.
  • Enabling this option will automatically toggle on any related/children objects and vice versa.
  • If the Link to Existing option is enabled multiple times on the same object type(s) in a data definition, the system will randomly pull data from only one object type path. For example, if the linking option was enabled twice on the Control object type, the previously assessed objects available for scoping would be randomly pulled from either Control data path in the definition.
  • Relationship or reference data on linked objects are automatically linked to the new assessment.
  • End-users scoping assessments can review linked objects and select if they want to create a new version or link the assessment to the existing data. However, this page will only be available if the Link to Existing option is enabled and they have permission to view the objects.
  • When linking assessment data through an Advanced Relationship table, only clones (non-library objects) can be linked if both the parent and child objects are not linked to the same assessment.
  • Resolver Core does not currently support the Link to Existing option for Focus objects. Toggling the switch for a focus object will not result in any change.