Edit or Delete a Trigger, Transition, or Action

To edit or delete a trigger, transition, or action:

  1. Click theicon in the top bar > Object Types in the Data Model section.
  2. Click Configure Workflow. If there are multiple workflows saved to the object type, click one in the list.
  3. Click the trigger you want to edit or delete to open the Edit Trigger palette.Clicking a trigger to open the Edit Trigger palette.
  4. To edit a trigger: 

a. Click the beside the trigger name to show the trigger settings.

b. To change the trigger type, select one from the Type dropdown menu. See Add a Trigger & Transition to a State for more information on the different trigger types. 

c. Make changes to the name, description, and color, as needed.

d. To delete the trigger, its transitions, conditions, and actions, click Delete.

Click Done when finished.

  1. To edit a transition:

a. Click theicon in the Transitions section.

b. Make changes to the transition name and destination state, as needed.

c. Optional:  Click the Bypass Required Fields toggle to ensure transitions occur as needed – even if required information is missing within the workflow. 

d. To edit or delete a condition or action saved to a transition, click the  icon beside the action or transition.

e. To delete the transition and any actions or conditions added to it, click the icon, then click Yes to confirm.

f. Click the icon when finished.