Create an Anonymous Login

To create an anonymous user and login URL:

  1. Create a non-administrative user account for the login, then assign it to a role with access to the appropriate object type(s) and activity.

  2. Click theicon in the top bar > Portal Settings in the Communications section.

  3. Click Create Anonymous User.The Portal Settings page.

  4. Enter a name for the login in the Name field.

    The Name and Description fields of a new anonymous login.
  5. Optional: Enter a description of the login in the Description field. This description will appear below the login’s name on the Anonymous Login page.

  6. Select the non-administrative account created in step 1 from the User dropdown menu.

  7. Optional: Click theicon beside Enable IP Authorization Control to restrict who can access this URL based on the entries in the IP allow list. This option will be greyed out if IP authorization control is not enabled for the org. See the IP Authorization Control section for more information.

  8. Select either Form (to display a configurable form only) or Activity (to display the actions and views within an activity) from the Type dropdown menu:

    • If you selected Form:

      1. Select an object type from the Object Type dropdown menu.

      2. Select a configurable form from the Form dropdown menu.

        A new anonymous login URL.
    • If you selected Activity:

      1. Select an application from the Application dropdown menu.

      2. Select an activity from the Activity dropdown menu.

  9. Click Create to save your changes and generate the anonymous login link in the Login Url field.

    The Login URL displaying the anonymous login URL. This field is read-only, but you can copy the link to your clipboard.
  10. To share the link, select it in the Login Url field, then copy it to your clipboard to paste into an email, document, etc.

  11. If the URL needs to be regenerated for security reasons, click Regenerate to create a new link.

Editing the fields of an existing anonymous login will require a new Login Url link to be generated.