Anonymous Submissions Visibility Rules

The Anonymous Portal allows anonymous users to submit sensitive information without their identities being revealed. After enabling the Submitter Property, Admins can configure form sections to show or hide based on the user’s input in the Remain Anonymous Boolean. When section visibility to is set to “Only if” in the Edit Form Section modal, the Submitter Property appears at the top of the Available Components Rules list.

The Remain Anonymous Boolean drives the logic for this rule, so when the property is selected, the options/values should display as Anonymous and Not Anonymous. 

To adjust Anonymous Submission visibility conditions:

  1. In the right-side Form Elements palette, drag and drop the relevant Fields (e.g., Phone number).
  2. Click the right-side edit icon to Edit Form Section.
  3. Click Only If.
  4. In the Available Components single select list, select the Submitter property.
  5. In the Options and Values single select list, select Not Anonymous.
    • Similarly, if you wanted more info from an Anonymous submitter, select Anonymous from the Options and Values list to show/hide sections (based on the Boolean true/false value you previously set).
  6. Click Done on the bottom right of the pop-up window.Anonymous Submissions visibility settings.

The Remain Anonymous Boolean

The Submitter property displays to the user as a bundle of text/fields:

  • Remain Anonymous Boolean (mandatory): user will answer No/Yes to remain anonymous (no = default).
  • Name text field (optional): displays only when identity is not anonymous, so that user can enter their name. 
  • Email text field (optional): displays only when identity is not anonymous, so that user can enter their email address. The email field requires email format (i.e., it must include an @ sign, followed by the associated web domain). 

If Remain Anonymous Boolean is No:

  • User inputs email, the modal pop-up has the Stay informed checked by default. User hits Confirm to continue.
  • User does not input an email and the modal pop-up does not have the Stay informed checked. User has to select check box and then input their email address.

If Remain Anonymous Boolean is Yes

  • Name and Email fields are hidden and the black incognito mode coloring displays around the guidance text and Boolean.
  • Upon submission of the form, the user is prompted with a modal to stay informed, and they can decide if they want to continue with or without providing their email address.

The Stay Informed Modal pop-up

  • Body text: Hardcoded legal text that cannot be changed by the customer or translated.
  • Opt in checkbox: User wishes to receive ongoing email communication on this issue.
  • Confirm: When selected, closes modal and confirmation page display and email details are saved. 
  • Continue Without Email: When selected, closes modal and confirmation page display and no email details are saved. 
  • Object is created no matter which button they select. Except for clicking the x – that will not create the object. Closing the modal will take them back to the form. 
  • Once the Form is submitted, the property should be in Read-only for other users and user cannot make any change:
    • If Boolean is No: data in fields displays as read-only
    • If Boolean is Yes: only Boolean displays.
  • Similar to email submissions, once a user submits through the Portal, they will receive a confirmation email.
  • The email address that’s been selected for the form component in the Form Config has a template. 
  • The Submitter has opted in to receiving ongoing email communication, so we have the email address for the confirmation email.
  • The confirmation email is sent regardless of whether the Submitter has chosen to remain anonymous or not.

The Stay Informed Pop-up.