Enable the Anonymous Submitter Property

There is a Property type in Core called Submitter that supports the Anonymous submission of Portal forms. This property bundles three fields together to collect the submitter’s details:

  • Remain Anonymous Boolean (i.e., a data type with a true or false result)
  • Name
  • Email Address.

The Submitter property in a form canvas.

Portal submissions with the Submitter property allow external users to submit incidents and keep their identity hidden. When flagged as Anonymous, no Personally Identifiable Information (PII) will be visible in or accessible by Core.

The Submitter property is configured by using two toggles:

  • Anonymous: This toggle enables the Remain Anonymous Boolean to capture submissions as anonymous.
  • Two-way email: This toggle enables the two-way communication feature. When enabled, external users can participate in email correspondence directly from the object. Read more here: Set up Two-Way Email.

With the Submitter property on an object type’s form, the user can select that object’s email address for field mappings. If there is more than one email setting, they are listed in alphabetical order. Only active email settings display, if a user deletes or deactivates an email setting it does not display in the list. 

Guidance text for the anonymous property’s usage can be configured by the Admin user. The template comes with default text that an admin can overwrite to meet their needs. The text limit is 1,000 alphanumeric characters.

To enable the Submitter Property on a form:

  1. In the Admin Panel>Configurable Forms menu, select the relevant form. Note: while the Submitter property is available for any form, it's most frequently used on the Anonymous Submission form.
  2. In the right-side Form Elements palette, drag and drop the Submitter property onto your form. The Edit Component Display pop up will appear automatically with these toggled selected by default:
    • Accepts Anonymous Submissions - Allows users to submit form anonymously
    • Enable Email Communication - Enables emails between admins and submitters. 
      The Edit Component Display screen.
  3. In the Description field, type a brief description of the Anonymous Portal, as it pertains to your organization. 
    • Example text: Anonymous Portal allows submitters to freely disclose sensitive information confidentially. When a submission is flagged as Anonymous, no Personally Identifiable Information (PII) will be visible in or accessible through Core.
  4. From the Email Addresses select list, select the relevant email setting (e.g., Incident) for the anonymous submissions.
  5. Click Close on the bottom right of the pop-up window. You can now view the guidance text and components you added on the Anonymous Submission Mode form canvas.

If no email object has been set up, an error message will display saying no email setting exists and prompt you to create one before returning to the form that you're enabling the Submitter property on.