Anonymous Portal Overview

The Anonymous Portal is an application in the Admin User Interface that allows for the anonymous submission of sensitive information. For example, an Incident Submitter wants to report something to their company but is concerned about backlash for disclosing sensitive information.

External and occasional stakeholders can access the Anonymous Portal by the anonymous reporting URL link provided by their Resolver Admin and/or organizational partner. When entering their contact details on a Portal form, these Submitters can decide if they want to remain anonymous and Resolver will then generate an alias for them. This means these users don’t require direct system access and because a unique email object ID gets created, they can still reply and continue the conversation without their identity being exposed.

The Anonymous Submission Web-portal.

Before any Portal user sees the submission form, they must accept Resolver’s Privacy Policy. We let them know that they only information we track is their IP address. All portal users will see this form, regardless of if they are anonymous or not.

The Resolver Privacy Policy Landing Page.